About Aedin

Aedin was the first kitty I brought home.  She was also the first kitty I adopted after my childhood cat, Smokey, passed almost a year earlier.  She survived the two hour drive home from the shelter where I fell in love with her the instant I picked her up three days prior to her home coming.  On a vist out to the country to see my boyfriend's mom, we had gotten on the topic of pets.  He had his, a little thirteen year old grumpy but still full of puppy spunk Yorkie named Gwen.  Gwen was great, but I needed my own compainion to come home to every day.  Cats have always been my forte as I grew up with them, so a cat was what I was going to get.  We then spontaneously got in the car and drove to the local shelter where his mom had recently adopted a German Shepherd. 

Once there I wanted to take them all home, but that wasn't going to happen so I had to pick one.  I held a few and played with others but I kept coming back to the little orange tabby that was so stubborn it was virtually impossible to get her back in her cage.  So of course I had to have her! I went to the desk to tell them who was coming home with me and then the bad news....I had to wait three days before I could bring her home because she needed to be spayed first.  Three whole days!  Well that was ok with me, there was just the small problem of containing my excitment to bring her home!

So I filled out the adoption paperwork and set up a time and day to come back and get my little four month old "Brown Eyed Girl" and spent the next three days driving my bryfriend crazy with ideas of what to name her!

Aedin came home on March 17th, St Patrick's Day.  I held her and cuddled her and loved on her until she was smothered with kisses.  She got her Irish name in honor of her home coming and her coloring.... and maybe the slight interest she had in my beer that day. :o)

Om nom nom...... *hic*

So I had my kitten.  I wanted to stay home with her forever and ever, but..... I had to go to work the next day.  That was the longest day ever.  I counted down the hours until it was time to leave so I could go home and see her.  She was the light of my life and I now had my own little furry friend to come home to everyday. 

Since I brought Aedin home, she has kept me on my toes.  She's the only cat I have ever known that plays fetch.... with little mice.  It is the funniest thing.  Our dog doesn't even fetch.  She is also always getting into anything and everything.  About a month after I adopted her, I came home to find a gash on her tail!  I had to rush her to the vet, and having not seen blood anywhere in the house I still to this day have no idea what she got into.  The vet thinks the dog got her, but little old Gwen has two teeth left and I doubt they would have done any damage. LOL!

Poor thing was lucky in that she was still a growing kitten and with a little bit of pain killers, her wound healed up in no time!

Another one of Aedin's favorites is getting into and new bag or box that she can find.  She has so much determination to get into them that no matter how high I store them, or in what corner I stash them, she gets in them, and then gets out after five minutes!  It's almost as if she just wanted to inspect them to determine if they were a high enough quality for use in the house.
In bags.....
..... and boxes.....

..... in dryers....
.....and Coach Purses!

Shortly after bring Aedin home, I began to foster.  She has been a great momma/big sister to all the cats and kittens that she has encountered... once the pecking order has been put in place and understoon by all.  After all, she is my number one! 

Cuddle Buddies
Another thing about Aedin is that she does very well at the vets office.  I when I say this, I mean VERY well.  At one time the vet had her on her back with her front leg raised over her head and she just delt with it, and the vet was amazed.  So because of Aedin's unique ability to tolerate the vet, she has become a very special kitty: A blood donor.  So not only am I saving lives by fostering, my cat is saving lives by donating blood.  In a nut shell, we are life saving machines, together, one cat at a time.