About Roxie

Roxie.  My first, and hopefully only, foster failure!  Roxie came to me after my very first foster, Albert, was adopted.  I had space for another kitty and she needed somewhere to go.  She was only 3 months old when she came home and boy was she a fighter!  She had aparently had ring worm at a very young age and was kept by herself until she was cleared of it.  Becuase she was isolated, she was not socialized and when she finally came into the program, she was taken by some sisters, who already had 10 cats!  Now if anyone knows anything about cats, if they are not socialized, they will of course cause problems when introduced to more cats.  So Roxie stayed with the sisters for about 3 days and then came back.  I saw her talking her head off at the next adoption show and couldn't stay away from her.  She was meowing and crying and i would go pet her and she would be happy.  I'd leave and she would start up again.  So when I noticed that she was in need of a foster home, and I heard her story I just HAD to try! So Roxie, the unsocialized little monster, came home with me, to a house with only 2 cats.  A much easier transistion than 10!

Little Monster Roxie

We struggled with Roxie at first.  Had a few accidents in the house, had some fights go down, but with the star chaser, some love and some patience, she slowly came around.  She came around so much that she soon began to chit chat and ask for attention all the time!  Eventually she became so attached to me that I was quicly learning that she may need to stay with me forever.  I also didn't think she would handle being put in a strange new environment very well.  So 3 months after bringing her home, my boyfriend and I decided to keep her. 

Roxie playing nice with Aedin

I know we made the right decision to keep her.  She has now grown into a very healthy, friendly, playful, cuddle monster.  She is always talking and she is always jumping into laps to head butt and knead both my boyfriend and I to death!  Part of what makes her so special is that she could have been another statistic but with the love she was given it is proof that you can take a scared and angry little kitty and make her the biggest love bug!