Friday, December 3, 2010

Home for the Holidays!

Great News!

Franklin was finally adopted last weeked!  I'm so happy for him.  It was really hard those first few days since he was my little buddy.  He was the first one to say "Good Morning!" to me and the first one to say "Welcome HOME!" and now I just have 3 hungry cats that look at me like "well are you going to feed us or what?" 

BUT back to Franklin.  He found a great home with a lovely couple that builds their own cat trees!!  He was such a climber, being that his favorite past time was climbing up my leg to get to my shoulder and then sit there like my scarf.  He will be such a good fit for their other cat, who is older and female since he is so low key.  I'm so happy that he found a good home just in time for the holidays!  I even sent him home with his one little goodie bag of gifts!  My boyfriend and I will miss him dearly, but he is in a good place and once his siter gets adopted, we can help more cats find good homes! 

Live. Love. Rescue. <3

Franklin on his last night home.... on my shoulder. <3

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dealing with Disappointment

Foiled again!  I was contacted by someone who was interested in my little foster Franklin.  We sent emails back and forth and I was really excited to meet this person at the next adoption show and maybe get a long awaited adoption! But no.  They did not show.  And I have heard nothing since then.  :(

I never seems to fail that every Saturday, I have lots of people interested in one or the other or my fosters.  Yet no one takes them home.  Franklin, who shows the best, is always out of his cage, on my shoulders, playing with a feather toy, and in my opinion, if I saw a cat like that at an adoption show I would say: I WANT THAT ONE! 

Then comes the fact that I can't tell if the two of them would be OK separated.  Not many people want to take home 2 cats at one time.  I guess all I can do is wait and hope that the right person/persons/family comes along and falls in love with them.  I hope sooner rather than later because they already have a place in my heart, and if I had the time the space and the money I would keep them.  But 4 cats and a dog is a little much for a 2 bedroom apartment. :D

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Little Hero

Got some good news the other day.

The Emergency Vet where Aedin donates blood called.

1) She's ready to donate again

2)  Her blood was used to help save the life of someone else's cat!

I'm so proud of her!  It's a good thing she does so well at the vet.  I don't know why or how but she is as cool as a cucumber when there.  Nothing freaks her out, the vet can do anything to her and she takes it like a pro!  It's like she is smart enough to know that it's for her own good, as well as the good of a stranger's cat. 

I tried donated blood as well.  Didn't work out as well, but I can still have the satisfaction that Aedin and I helped out a fellow feline and their human. 

Can't wait to take her again..... I have some good ideas. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Seperation Anxiety

Going on 2 months in my home, my fosters are still searching for their forever home.  They are getting to that inevitable age of 6 months when they can potentially be adopted out seperately and that saddens me.  They are so good together, like ying and yang.  Franklin is very personable, crazy, outragous and a cuddler!  Where as Sally is more quite and reserved, but just as loveable as her brother.  I don't know how they would be if seperated, but if it came down to them being adopted or not, how can I not let them go their own ways?  I had this problem at this same time last year when I had two brothers.  They went to two different homes, and everything was just fine, but they weren't as close to each other as Sally and Franklin are. 

I suppose all that I can hope for, is that someone, somewhere will come along for them and they will fit right in to their homes..... as long as they have another kitty to make friends with. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sleepless in the Chi and the Purrfect Cure!

I have so many things running multiple laps in my brain these days, but my number one concern is:

Adoptions..... how can I get my current foster kittens noticed when they are surrounded by even cuter and younger kittens with another kitten season right around the corner? Where oh where is their forever home?  I can't wait to find that home for them, not because I am tired of them and want them to leave (not with their faces and personalities), but I can't wait for some one else, or some family to have the chance to experience these guys they way I get to day in and day out.


Franklin is my buddy and he climbs on me like he is a monkey.  At 4 months, he is the runt of the 11 kitten litter he came from!  he looks to be about half his age, but he doesn't let that slow him down when he wrestles with the older cats I have. He has recently discovered his reflection in the bathroom mirror and every morning, as I climb out of my bed sleepy eyed and dazed, trying so very hard to get myself out the door on time, he climbs up my leg, yes up my leg, to reach the bathroom counter.  He likes to sit and watch himself and try to reach the "other kitty" so they can play!  Words will never give this the cute justice it deserves.

Now Sally.... oh Sally how I love her face!  Every time I pick her up, I can't help but cuddle and squeeze and mush that face of hers!  It's my number one favorite thing about her, and every adoption show I can't understand how any one else can walk right by her.... but I guess it's a "Foster Mother" thing that many people don't see.  You know how that goes..... But my other favorite thing about her is her purr.  It's a very calming purr at just the right pitch to not make you deaf.  It almost has a water-like quality to it, bubbly like a brook but with a twinge of a nasal note.... ok I'm officially a crazy cat lady if I'm sitting here trying to describe a kitten's purr!!!

So with the self induced pressure I put in place to find these guys the greatest home possible for them, on top of all the other things that life throws at me: Finding more ways to be involved with my resuce organization, Toastmaster speeches to write and prepare, impending work to do for my Daughters of the American Revolution, plus all that other "life" stuff, you know, bills, that pesky thing they call work.... I've been finding it hard to push all that aside and fall asleep at night and stay asleep.  I have a mind that goes faster than I can keep up, sometimes a good thing, other times, it sucks!  So last night I have Sally in her usual posistion (wrapped around my neck!) and I took her and put her near my ear so I could listen to her purr.  She has a purr that when I focused on it, I was able to clear my mind and fall alseep like there was no tomorrow. 

So for all of those who find it hard to sleep at night.... grab your kitty and just listen to them purr!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Welcoming Committee

I say Hello! to this crazy world of blogging. 


Because I want to share my stories about how I have found what I love to do in life: Fostering Animals.

I have been in love with animals from the very begining.  Mostly cats, because I grew up with them.  My exposure to canines has gown in more recent years.  My cats showed me how to love unconditionally, how to not judge and the importance of being there for loved ones in times of need, even if nothing was said.  They showed me that just a simple head butt or purr can do so much more than saying actual words. 

So I came across a local rescue group where I was quickly thrown into the world of animals rescue and more specifically fostering.  I brought home my first two kittens last April and it was all down hill from there.  Since then I have fostered numerous other cats and kittens and found them very good homes.  Since then I have discovered the joy I get when they have found their forever home.  Since then.... I have found my passion. 

And thus begins the journey that I will share with the world.... or anyone that will listen to me chatter on about cats for more than five minutes.  :)