Monday, March 28, 2011

An Empty House.... Sort of

My little foster Sally has found her forever home!  Four whole days before her first birthday.  I was so worried for her because she did not show well at all.  At home she would be the sweetest thing ever, constantly following me around the house, begging for attention, and purring her head off.  At adoption shows, she growled and hissed and swatted at other cats and people as they walked by (which she never did at home).  All her and I were waiting for was that special person who could see past her poor behavior and believe me when I said: She's an AMAZING little cat.  And this past Saturday, we found those people. 

She went to an older lady and her son to be an only cat.  Perfect for her since she demanded ALL of my attention, and even became slightly possessive of me towards my own cats.  I was sad at first because I had had her for 8 months and had grown very fond of her, but after hearing from her new home and knowing that she was adjusting purr-fectly, it was much easier for me to push aside my sadness and take in the good that I had done.  After all, I have set out to find good, loving, caring, FOREVER homes for the cats I take in.  I am now up to 7 lucky cats, with my next fosters waiting for me at the end of my self made mandatory 2 week "break". 

Every time I take a cat or kitten in, they leave with a little bit of me.  I help grow and develop them into well adjusted cats that anyone would love to call their own.  Every time a foster gets adopted, I loose a small part of my heart, but I know that I have a big enough heart to keep on.  And keep on is what I will do.... until they all have a home.

Live. Love. Rescue.

Sally Mae Adopted 3/26/11

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